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Madden Mobile Games Are The New Rage Apps On The Block

Mobile applications are a rage amongst today’s youth. If the game involves soccer, it turns out to be the icing on the cake.  Madden mobile games are one such application. It has had a huge download rate, with a great rating. The graphics and daily challenges keep the players hooked. The fact that it an absolutely no hassle game is an added advantage.

Reasons to play the game

The game enjoys a great rating on all the download sites. There are a few reasons due to which it has an immense popularity amongst the people. You will notice that the size of the game is fairly decent and does not take up a lot of memory space on your phone. The game also does not have any lag on starting it, making the gaming experience better. All you require is a good data connection. This mobile game app does not promote any third party advertisements. Whatever purchases or notifications you get would be related to the game and can be modified. Those are like cheats for madden mobile. The user interface and graphics is attractive. The way you want your player to look along with the music and sound of the game can be modified. This feature of the game would make your experience more real than virtual.

Steps of the game explained

madden mobile hack To enjoy the game thoroughly, you need to understand how to play it. It has a very basic and easy to start approach. On setting up your players, you can control them by using the analog stick being shown on the phone screen or by modifying it to the touch tap option in the settings. Offense includes dive, hurdle, juke, stiff arm. You can perform these skills by clicking on the Skill Move option. Within the 3D gameplay, you can tap the play art button to help you out with the routes on the field. Swiping right or left performs a juke. You can adjust the position of the defender via analog stick or touch control before you snap the play. You can switch players by tapping on the corresponding players. You can tap on the skills button to go about your defensive skills and kick the ball.

 In-app purchases and payments

 You can opt for virtual as well as real-time purchases in the game. This purchase would increase

the gaming ability and make it easier for you to compete in the game. Madden cash can be earned by tapping the widget of the same name there. There would be a scrollable list of items given, with Madden cash having a different price point. You can make the payment with a real time currencyand can see the changes after the payment. You can earn coins for currency based upgrades. You have to enter in game events like Head to Head, Season and Live Events to enhance your coin collection. Madden cash and coins can also be used to bundle packs or items pack too boosts your team advantage. Some of those items may require specific currency payments.

Connect to social media

Games today come with an option to connect it to a player to the social media account. It is mainly done to promote the game and also help the players share the experience with their friends. This particular feature will also you let you play the game online and not just on the app.

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