NBA Live Mobile Review To Build The Best Team For An Excellent Season

When the two passions sports especially basketball and games come together, the result is sure to be terrific for anyone like me that loves to be as much on the sports field as with the mobile games. The release of the NBA Live Mobile by EA SPORTS has surely added much charm to my life with the almost addictive gameplay. The cool realistic graphics are just right when moving up and down the court with the players. This apart there are a host of other reasons for which the game is continually scaling the popularity charts to become of the premier in the genre of games.

Forming the best team

The best part of the game is the freedom and the options in forming the team that I enjoyed the most. There is every possibility to check out on the player’s ability before the gamer recruits him in the team and the method for it is a simple one by tapping on the shield that displays the number and name of the player. Players have different skill levels that are broken down into the areas of speed, passing, defense, dribbling, shooting and the 3 pointers. The players that are better than the gold mark can be identified by their names written in red and the numbers on the card.

A flip side of it

There is one mandatory aspect that any player has to fulfill when forming the team and that is the filling of the five types of lineups that help in getting the bonus too. I found this somewhat irritating as my best players had to be scattered in different places forcing me to play with the lower rank ones. This is especially because one player can be used only in certain events according to the icon color that his player card has. It is important for any player to continually improve the lineup especially when playing to win the matches in the season.

Getting currency not a problem

This means that the gamers have to buy the player cards from the in-game stores making use of the virtual currencies. I did not find this much of a problem as there are several ways of earning the coins as by checking on the achievement levels and completing the daily rounds of drill and exercises for the players. The achievement part can be really rewarding not only with the nba live mobile hack but occasionally with the pack of cards with good players. Exercise and drills are a part of the regular life of the team players and getting the rounds done means more points in the kitty.

A mixed bag of goodies

Visiting the auction menu is another great way of building the team as other players often put up the players on sale at low costs. There are also the offers from the developers that are available for limited periods. The major disadvantage of the game is that there is rarely a foul that means that the gamers are almost at liberty to abuse the Steal. The gameplay is relatively easy especially with the auto-play option that takes care of the game grind after which taking over the game control will be real fun.……